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Prince Dimande icon Prince Dimande

Prince Dimande
Story Arc
Event Prince Dimande
Gender Male
Ability 1 Power of the Evil Eye
  • Adds +1 Moves, +3 Time, and clears pieces and blocks in an X shape
  • Ability 2 Power of the Evil Eye
  • Adds +2 Moves, +6 Time, and clears pieces and blocks in a larger X shape
  • Other Information

    Availability Information

    Prince Dimande is unlocked, with a maximum level of 3, after obtaining 5500 jewels in Prince Dimande. In order to get Prince Dimande to a maximum level of 5, 13500 jewels must be acquired.


    • The animation for Prince Dimande's effect, Power of the Evil Eye, has been widely criticized for being too creepy for Sailor Moon Drops. The animation is a recreation of a scene from the 83rd episode of the original Sailor Moon anime, "The Shocking Future! Demande's Dark Ambition", where Dimande hypnotizes Usagi (although the game doesn't include Dimande trying to kiss Usagi), and Drops has been criticized for including the scene.[Citation needed]


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